Survival Log – Day 6 without Sean

32 and I’m still mixing drinks… what a mistake.

I’m writing this a few days later because it has taken me sooo long to recover from this mess of a misadventure. So after I leave the bar and get out my Uber I go inside and realise I can’t find my bag.

It only had 3 cards, lip balm and eyeliner in it so I’m not that fussed. All stuff that can be replaced. Except my little pocket mirror from Vietnam. Guess I’ll have to go back there now too.

I’m guessing my bag strap had broken and I lost it. It had been breaking all night and I kept attempting to fix the chain but the leather was old and snapped so *shrug* what can you do.

I didn’t sleep.

And I was hella sick from mixing overpriced drinks… again. Just a load of self-destructive nonsense again, I should really get myself together or figure out how to cope in healthier ways.

Anyway, this would make for a good survival show at this point.

There are clothes everywhere. I have no food left. It’s snowing hard. And I’m cold af. It’s not good.

In an survival situation, I’d be well and truly f*cked.

And then angels.

I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful. One friend orders food straight to my door and another takes me out for coffee and helps me get to the bank and I get a new debit card there and then!

The credit card is a little more difficult but I locked it last night. I could call up to have it replaced but I think I’m done with. I had my fun. I don’t need it.
And to be honest I had major jetlag when the woman at the bank was selling it to me. Which I’m still a little annoyed with.

I’m in tears, happy tears, from joy and gratitude to have such awesome people in my life! Thank you!

I’m asleep at 4pm.


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