Who or what is Erin Reki?

Erin Reki is a 30 something-year-old artist that loves to travel, paint and illustrate!
I have lots of cartoons in my head, an Irishman and an addiction to coffee.
Yes, it’s an alias.
Click if you want to know the story behind the name.

Basic Info
Name: Erin Reki
Nationality: English
Birthday: November
Likes: Travelling, art, veggie pizza, lattes, watching Adventure Time, massages, cats, space pants.
Dislikes: Sweetcorn. Get out of my tuna salad sandwich you filthy yellow devil!

I may have changed my stance on celery & peas but I’ll be damned if I’m letting sweetcorn in here.

What is this all about?
It started out as a travel journal and has expanded into daft stories, cartoonsphotos, and I’ll even show you some of my paintings.
It’s basically a place for me to put things that would otherwise just sit in my head, backpack or sketchbook.
Plus I love to create for other people too so I’ll be offering my humble services on here too!
You can check out my services here or contact me!


Where is Erin Reki from and going?
Originally from England, I’ve been to Ireland, Nepal, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and many more. Going to… well, I dunno.

In terms of where this site is going, I’m hoping it’ll be useful enough so that one day I can do this full time and turn it into a business that helps support travelling creatives.  Hhhmmmm business, yes.

This is my serious business face.

Why create Erin Reki? What am I working towards and why?
The world can be a hateful place sometimes but it can also be beautiful, inspiring, full of opportunity and great experiences!
This is just my attempt at bringing a little more sunshine into the world.  If a comic I’ve drawn makes you smile, I’ve done my job.

How am I going to try to do this?
I try and be as open and honest as possible.
Especially about our travels. It’s definitely not all mojitos and beaches. Sometimes it’s redback spiders and food poisoning.
I’m kind of just hoping someone finds this relatable so I know it’s not just me!

This is based on a real person I saw at Woodford Folk Festival! Man, that guy loved life!

Note: If you were looking for more of a CV/resume in this section… sorry to disappoint.

There is an old one on this site.
But it hasn’t been updated since I left for Australia.

Again, if you would like something created by me check out my services page or contact me on this page!