I’m going to be honest. It’s taken me three days to figure out what to put on this damn page. It’s an extremely uncomfortable task and I still don’t know what I’m doing.
There seems to be a lot of hullabaloo about having your life together nowadays.
For anyone who has had a “What the hell am I doing with my life?” day just know you’re not alone. There’s plenty of us.
Erin Reki is one of them!


Who or what is Erin Reki?
Erin Reki is a 20 something year old artist that loves to travel, struggles with clinical depression, has a small watercolour kit, has lots of cartoons in her head, an Irishman and an addiction to coffee.
Yes, it’s an alias. No, I’m not sharing my real name. Yes, okay you might have already found it or know. No, I don’t care. Okay!
So this is fun!
Click if you want to know the story behind the name.

Basic Info
Name: Erin Reki
Nationality: English
Birthday: November
Likes: Travelling, drawing, painting, writing, veggie pizza, lattes, art galleries, watching Adventure Time, massages, cats, space pants.
Dislikes: Sweetcorn. Get out of my tuna salad sandwich you filthy yellow devil!

I may have changed my stance on celery & peas but I’ll be damned if I’m letting sweetcorn in here.

What is this all about?
I want to create a place to share my experiences. Good, bad and everything in between!
Where I can share daft stories, cartoons, advice, photos, and I’ll even show you some of my paintings.
It’s basically a place for me to put things that would otherwise just sit in my head, backpack or sketchbook. A place for you to chill and read some nonsense.



Where is Erin Reki from and going?
Originally from England, been to Ireland, to Nepal, to Singapore, Australia and others. Going to… well, I dunno.
Maybe New Zealand, or Canada…or Spain. Hooray for tapas!
If you want more of a brief history/lifestory/timeline you can check if I got the courage to write it up.
In terms of where this website is going I’m hoping it’ll be useful enough so that one day I can do this full time and turn it into a business that supports travelling creatives.  Hhhmmmm business, yes.

This is my serious business face.

Why create Erin Reki? What am I working towards and why?
The world can be a hateful, uninviting place. It can also be beautiful, inspiring, full of opportunity and great experiences.
I’m working towards creating a brand (for lack of a better word) that promotes kindness, humour and empathy in the world. We should be able to look at ourselves (as in humankind) and laugh.
I mean, we are reclaiming earth from the sea so we can claim more of the sea for fecks sake! What’s that about?! We’re crazy!
We are the strangest species on the planet and that’s knowing the female praying mantis eats its mates head!
I know people say we have to learn how to laugh and that can be annoying but there’s truth in it.
If we don’t, we can face spiraling into some existential crisis. This can be accompanied with depression and anxiety. Not fun. We need to embrace the good, the bad and everything in between.

“No! Not another temple!” “But it says it’s a must see…”

Again Why? And the short version…
To hopefully help, reassure or inspire others who are either travelling, creative, having a tough time or a combination of those three. I want them to feel like they can take control of what they can change and let go of what they can’t.
Yes, mushy. I know.

How am I going to try do this?
Now I’m no doctor but by sharing my experiences of travelling, creating art and struggling with crappy feelings, I hoping to connect with others.
So anyone in need of being mildly entertained or reassured they’re not the only one who doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing is welcome to chill out here.

This is based on a real person I saw at Woodford Folk Festival! Man, that guy loved life!

My Daft Little Analogy
Like with watercolour paintings you can try and control life, you can point the paintbrush in the right direction but sometimes it just has a mind of its own and does what it wants.
Spills and accidents happen.  No matter how good a painter you are. Sometimes a creative block can leave you staring at a blank page wondering what you’re doing in life.
You can choose to collaborate with others.  You can be as controlling or as whimsical as you like.  Ultimately you decide what to put on that page, what colours you will choose and how much thought and effort you put into it.

Whatever you create, paint your own path.

Create your own journey… Erin Reki is. Or well, trying to.