Custom Commissioned Cartoons
(When you want me to draw something for you)

How to Order:
Commissions will be open on the 16th April 2018.
Currently, you order through the Contact page as we discuss what type of piece you want.
In the future, I may use;

What can I use them for?
Bespoke gifts for special occasions for yourself, or others!
Ideas include; 
-Sweet family portrait for Mothers Day,
-Unique Wedding Announcements,
-Funny comic for a birthday card,
-Your own avatar or character for social media,
-A keepsake of a funny moment on a photo,

-And many more!


What can you draw?
I can draw;
-Portraits of people & pets,
-Fan Art (maybe your favourite TV series character),
-Fictional character design.

-Chibi (ultra cutesy)

Sean Rubber Dingy Rapids


-Bust or full figure

-Black & White,
-Digitally coloured,


-In a comic strip,
-On a photograph,
-In a designed border,
-Detailed, patterned or basic background etc etc etc!

You see there are loads of options! 


What can I get? 
You can get anything ranging from;
-Tote Bags,
-Greetings Cards of various sizes,
-Coffee Mugs,
-Pillow Covers,
-Business Cards,
-PLUS I always give you the High-Resolution (4k+), Hand-painted Digital Artwork File that you can Download and Print up to 48″x36″ inches.


How much do they cost?
The short answer is it depends on what you want! It could range from $5 to $100! Depending on the complexity.
I will be taking orders from the 16th April and by then will have an order form that can give you a price.

There are different prices for personal & business use due to copyright laws.

If you have any questions about these and prices before I have put up my interactive order form feel free to use to Contact page!

For more examples of my work Check out the Gallery.

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