The Joys of Settling Down

Here I am at 8pm on a Wednesday discussing what type of curtains would be better for my taupe coloured bedroom. After so many years of packing and picking up a suitcase/backpack/bindle, (okay maybe not a bindle) I finally feel like it's going to be a while before the next move. And I'm happy about … Continue reading The Joys of Settling Down

Taking a Blogging Break

The last post I wrote, I was located in Christchurch New Zealand! That was almost 8 months ago. I seem to have taken a blogging break.  And I didn't even realise it! Since Summer 2018 a few things have happened.  This is a perfect example of life getting in the way, in a good way... … Continue reading Taking a Blogging Break

How to Get to SteamPunk HQ

Who would have thought Steampunk HQ would be in a little seaside town of Oamaru in New Zealand? I would have assumed it been in London. Well, you know what? It makes sense.‘fix it” […]

9 Reasons Why I Hate Hostels

Ugh. I knew this day would come.  I hate hostels. I  wasn't sure what to write about this week so I thought I'd have a look back at our South New Zealand trip and have a bit of a rant post! During our stay in Dunedin, we chose to stay in a hostel. After our … Continue reading 9 Reasons Why I Hate Hostels

An Unfit Girl’s Journey to New Zealand’s Mueller Hut Hike

"Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail" We had a plan to drive South. We were doing a clockwise loop of the South Island for at least 1 month. Our little New Zealand adventure. Had we planned anything properly? Hmmm… kinda. We'd got the equipment together and packed the car. For context, I'd been working on … Continue reading An Unfit Girl’s Journey to New Zealand’s Mueller Hut Hike

Opening the Dialogue about Depression

This was going to be a relatively short blog post this week. I’ll be honest, I’ve not been feeling it lately. And by ‘it’ I mean blogging. I’ve been far more preoccupied with design work and Skillshare videos. Whenever I try to do anything other than design work I get distracted and grumpy.  Totally lacking … Continue reading Opening the Dialogue about Depression

New Zealand’s Street Art: Dunedin Photo Dump

This is one of the main reasons I love cities! The street art.

I’m Finally a Digital Nomad; Teaching English Online

I think I can finally say I qualify as a female digital nomad and you know what it wasn’t that hard.

Setting up in New Zealand

I was so ready to leave Australia. If you ever fancy popping over to live in New Zealand (rolls eyes) then check this out.

A Month Road Trippin’ The South Island, New Zealand (with Map)

Phew! It’s been over a week since we returned to Christchurch. Mid-March we took a month off work to travel the South Island of New Zealand. Most of our research has said that it’s cheaper to travel in the shoulder season so that’s why we decided to do.