Below are a collection of my works split into Cartoons, Photographs and Paintings. Feel free to check them out and let me know if there any that you like. All inspired by something encountered on my travels.

Cartoon Gallery

Here is cartoon me and co. Check out my nearest and dearest that make me think my life is worth documenting. And a few random others that I thought were amusing enough to turn into cartoon characters. For twice weekly new cartoons subscribe to my Tapastic! Or if you want one of your own check out … Continue reading Cartoon Gallery


Watercolours, acrylics, inks, chalks and charcoal, pastels and oil. Some of these are from uni and some of these are from the road. Again, I love playing with all mediums. A few of these may be available in my shop! Or if you want one of your own check out my Services!  


I try to take good ones… ….but mostly I love over-saturating them with colour and making works of art in their own right. For different and probably less over exposed colourful photos check out my Instagram and Shop!