Photography is Effort.

I know I’ve been mentioning birthdays a lot and now I’ve started I can’t stop. So Happy Birthday to my Pops (dad)!

Now my dad has always had his hobbies.  Hobbies which he’s always focused a large amount of time and energy on, resulting in becoming exceedingly good at them.
Some people would see him as a bit of a hermit, an introvert and just generally a little bit unsociable. (He wasn’t when he was younger!) But I don’t see it that way, I think he’s just a lot more in tune with what matters most to him. He seems to value perfecting a skill over making idle chitchat with people.  We both can agree on that!  Down with small talk!

First, it was the keyboard, then it was kind of computers, now it’s photography!

Here are a few samples of his work.



I truly admire the way he can focus in on the work he’s doing for hours and hours and perfect this to the point where he can make money from his hobbies.  This is what I’m trying to do.  I might ask him to help me write a small blog page about how he sells his photography.

The problem is I have so many interests it’s hard to narrow down what is important and what my priorities are! When everything is a priority, nothing is.

My own brush with photography went a little something like this;

I really enjoyed making pinhole cameras at school, got addicted to the smell of the chemicals in the dark room. Like seriously I’d give anything to smell those smells again.

I did a couple of classes in college, took a lot of abstract photos that would have been fantastic for Instagram nowadays.

I bought a DSLR in the second year of University for my Gap Year trip around South East Asia.
My dad thought if I took lots of photos in RAW I could send them back and he could sell them, truth be told I wasn’t very good at it, I had only used simple cameras before and this had more options and gadgets than I could handle.
At one point I threw it in the sand on Koh Phi Phi because it was so heavy and I have frozen shoulder and was in an immense amount of pain. Plus I couldn’t get the shutter speed right and was beyond frustrated. Spoilt brat moment I know, don’t judge.
Hey! I can feel you judging.

I have no idea what happened to that camera. I think I sold it or gave it away.

One day something sparked my interest again and several people who had seen my photographs asked if I would photograph them! I bought another SLR and got a little bit snap happy, I’ve filled a whole hard drive!

Finally, when it came to running away to Australia I decided to sell my laptop and go without a computer. I know I’m full of decisions that don’t make sense.

There is no way you can do photography without a computer.

When I returned to the UK for a three-month break I sold that camera.

Then I got to Australia and bought a computer…

Either way, I have learnt the hard way.
Unless you are willing to invest your time and focus on learning photography you won’t get very far with it.
You cannot expect to have super awesome equipment do the job for you. Just because it cost x amount doesn’t mean it will take the photos for you. You must learn lighting, composition, shutter speeds, ISO’s etc. and above all else, you must practice!

I thought if I put my camera away for a year I could come back to it and still be as good as I was.  Like riding a bike, right? Wrong. It took me a while to remember where the settings were, what this button did, what does that symbol mean?

All in all, I think I’ll come back to photography one day, but devote more time to it and develop a routine with it. Plus get a lighter camera, ouch!

And my dad? Well, most of his photos are of the British countryside. The reason for that is that he doesn’t have a passport!!
I know right!

We’re trying to steer him towards travelling and branching out a little into travel photography but it’s an uphill battle. He likes routine and going home for a cuppa after a long day.

But if he can make the English countryside like this! Just imagine what he could do with the Himalayas!

Check more of his work on Redbubble!


P.s I might start a petition to get him a passport.

P.p.s  I need to make another petition to get my brother Chris to the Chicken Nugget Festival this August.  He would make such a good Nugget King!

P.p.p.s  Yes, Chicken Nugget Festivals are a real thing.


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