Getting Over The Fear of Showing off My Artwork

Someone asked me for my website address the other day. Then another person asked me for my Facebook page. I froze both times, squirming in my seat umming and arring, trying to think of a reason not to give it to them.

“Oh, it’s not finished”

“Well, it’s not very good.”

“I don’t think you would like it or find it interesting.”

Both my website and Facebook pages need some work and they may not be finished but a lot of my work is unfinished… that might just be my style, I don’t know.

And I’ll never think anything I ever do is good because I believe things can always be improved. It may not be good but it’s good enough.

And yeah, that person may not find it interesting or like it but hey, I don’t care. The truth is I’ve made these things for me.
When daft things happen, or silly scenarios occur in my head I like to put them on paper. They make me laugh.

Which is why a few of my cartoons may need explanation. They are usually inside jokes to myself. And my watercolours and all other artistic messes are just me expressing myself.  I like to play. I like to mess with paint, pens and inks and generally make a mess. I like trying to make those liquids vaguely resemble something I like the look of. It’s fun.

And who am I to say that that person won’t like them? I’m not in their head.

So, it got me thinking,

All these insecurities I have are just ridiculous they are based on a fear of rejection, a rejection that I do not care about.

For every 1 reason that someone doesn’t like my work, I can think of 5 reasons why I don’t care & why I like it and will continue to play.

Hey, I get it, people have different tastes and different levels of artistic ability and art knowledge. People will determine for themselves what is good and bad.  And I respect that.

I’m not saying I won’t take on constructive criticism because I will! My God, I will!

But for anyone that does like anything I make well that’s great! Not only will I appreciate the love but when someone likes something I made I feel a connection with them because hell, I like it too!
It’s like telling someone that you’re an Adventure Time fan and they respond with “Omg so am I!”
Like a big mental high five symbolizing you have something in common and maybe there’s a chance of you being friends? Yay! New friend!

All this jibber jabber is building up to me doing something that I’ve put off for years, I am going to attempt to build up the courage to show off more of my artwork!

See, I was building up to something.
I’m currently on a course which is teaching me loads of new tech and design skills (more details on it in a future post when I’ve done more.)
My goal is to use these new course skills, to redesign my website, bring my art to the forefront and fill my shop with goodies!
I wouldn’t bother looking at the shop just yet. My Society6 online shop has been empty for around 2 years, albeit a lonesome cat. I guess he’s a placeholder.

I encourage others to do the same and join me on this journey as I learn to get over this redundant fear and start throwing my art in all y’all faces!  Booyah!

As a very wise awesome boss babe (from the courses Facebook group) told me…

Just remember that by not sharing your gift, you’re denying other people the opportunity to be transformed by it…so share!!”


Thank-you Elizabeth.

Taking that advice here are a few bits and pieces I’ve been working on.  When they’re finalised they may possibly …no… will be going in my shop by the end of this month!

Let me know what you think!


jelliP.p.s Still living in and loving New Zealand.



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