Toot-ta-doot! Announcement!


This isn’t a full blog post or anything just a little announcement.

Erin Reki is now on Tapastic!!!


If you don’t know what Tapastic is, well simply put it is a website and app that publishes webcomics and web novels. You can read comics and books made by anyone!
That funny cartoon you found on 9gag? The creator probably publishes on Tapas.

My favourites and the most recognizable are Shencomix by Shen and Sarah Scribbles by Sarah Anderson.  I’ve also found a couple of my old favourites from from back in the day on here!

And now I’ve joined them!
Since my 30th birthday and last Christmas, I’ve been saving up my pennies and finally bought a laptop! Eeee! I’ve been re-teaching myself Photoshop and how to colour them in.

I’m still learning and they’re still a little wobbly and I haven’t decided entirely on a colour theme, layout etc. But it’s a start.

The comic basically follows my journey from when I started travelling some 8 years ago, as well as some everyday nonsense and typical creative person problems.

I’ll include appearances from friends and random people I’ve met along the way.
Plus any cartoon that requires any further backstory, will be written as a little short story here.

Anyway enough chitter chatter! More toons!

Click here for the first episode.

I’d love for to subscribe, I’ll start doing little sketches for anyone that pops over to say hi!
Thank you in advance for the support xoxo



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