Setting up in New Zealand

I was so ready to leave Australia. If you ever fancy popping over to live in New Zealand (rolls eyes) then check this out.

When you Want to Turn your Passion into a Full Time Thingy

"True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself. False guilt is guilt felt at not being what other people feel one ought to be or assume that one is." - R.D. Laing Hello again! Hope you're all doing fantastic! Happy, healthy, aware that Christmas is nearly on the way.... … Continue reading When you Want to Turn your Passion into a Full Time Thingy


Packing List for Australia 

Lil Big Sister Travel Co.  I may not be the best person for this as I'm a all or nothing kinda person.  I'm currently carting around random things that most backpackers wouldn't even entertain the idea of.  Red wine vinegar, full length easel, 7 or 8 pairs of shoes, teapot... you get the idea. I’m … Continue reading Packing List for Australia 

Your Savings Plan for Travel

Lil Big Sister Travel Co.  First of all for a savings plan. Reminder this was made for my little sister but you can still apply this post to your own plans if you're creative.  Before you go anywhere, make sure you afford everything before you leave.  The following: FLIGHTS: one way £350-500 To get in … Continue reading Your Savings Plan for Travel

Lil Big Sister Travel Company

​Our promise to help you help yo’self! First a little explanation for this post. I'm an older sister to a younger brother Pest and the youngest, little sister Beanie. The thing is I'm also the shortest therefore I'm the little (lil) big sister. Last year Beanie decided that she’d had enough of the UK and … Continue reading Lil Big Sister Travel Company

Homesickness; an embarrasing confession.

Gosh I'm a terrible blogger. My last blog post was the first week of January. It is now the last week of January and I was supposed to post at least once a week.  Or at least that was my original plan. However after my last post bragging and complaining about Sydney not much has … Continue reading Homesickness; an embarrasing confession.

Fireflies, Fireworks and Fatigue. Sydney in 4 days.

I’m not sure if we're emotionally ready to share this story yet, but here goes. On December 23rd, the last day of work at the Grain Plant for the year, everyone keeps asking us what our plans are for the holidays. We haven’t got any. We’ve been working so hard recently to make a good … Continue reading Fireflies, Fireworks and Fatigue. Sydney in 4 days.

My Halloween Hostel Nightmare!

I know we are in the Christmas\New Year Holiday period but I was watching Nightmare Before Christmas #traditions and it reminded me of this years Halloween. The title might be a slight exaggeration, nothing terrifying or life threatening happened, it's just my fragile sensibilities and sense of smell that were destroyed.  The story starts off … Continue reading My Halloween Hostel Nightmare!

Keeping Busy, Cartoons and Grain

I haven't made any blog posts this week. Mainly because I honestly don't want to write anything. Which I guess isn't great when you're trying to create a 'travel blog'. I didn't write a post last week either.  I never quite understood how some people can be quite on top of things all of the … Continue reading Keeping Busy, Cartoons and Grain

88 Days; a Lesson in Patience

The Australian working holiday visa... *sigh* For anyone that doesn't know... When you apply for a working holiday visa in Australia you only get 1 year. If you want another year you have to be willing to work 88 days in agriculture and/or another government chosen field to apply for your second year. This is … Continue reading 88 Days; a Lesson in Patience