So as this website grows and I blog more and more I’ll assign them to these destinations. There might not be a lot in here right now but I promise there will be. At some point. In the future. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully.

(Not sure if I’m promising a non existing audience or myself!)

Now I know I may not have been to as many destinations as other travelers, but let’s not make this into a competition yeah?
For one thing, I am a slooooooooooowwwwwww mover. I like, no, LOVE to relax and get a feel for a place and it takes me forever to get round to things (I’m getting round to working on that.)
Maybe I was a sloth in a past life, who knows?!

In the meantime I’ve written brief explanations on when I was there and what I did there so you know what kind of posts to expect in the future. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.


In 2011 the Irishman and I stupidly decided we could see a huge chunk of India in a month. This huge chunk including Mumbai, Goa, Hampi, The Golden Triangle, the road up to Nepal and many more. It resulted in a very long time spent on trains and more than a few mental breakdowns and … Continue reading India


Ahhh Nepal. I hate it when I’m there and love it when I leave. It’s one of the most challenging and beautiful countries I’ve ever been to and no matter how many times I tell myself “okay that’s the last time”,  I always go back. Sounds like one of those emotionally abusive relationships right. I … Continue reading Nepal


This is Irishman’s territory so I’m going to let him help me out with it. Translation… I’m going to beg him and twist his arm until he writes stuff. I’ve lived in Derry (lets not got political) for several months before I went back to uni and loved it, although it can be terrifying. We’ve … Continue reading Ireland


We arrived here late 2015, since then we’ve spent 8 months working on farms. We’ve picked strawberries, cut cabbages, driven tractors, tended to herbs and packed salads. Aside from that we spent New Years at Woodford Folk festival, spent a 30th birthday in Surfers Paradise, spent time with friends at Byron Bay markets and spent … Continue reading Australia


Admittedly I’m from England but I’m going to add it anyway because well,  if life is a journey  I guess I’ve spent most of it here. Most people never really explore their own backyard either. As much as I joke about hating the place and it’s grey skies, occasionally it can have nice weather and it’s … Continue reading England


Late 2016. I have done almost none of the touristy traveller thingys you’re supposed to do around this area. I have literally just sat around in different hotels, relaxing, reading, drinking coffee, painting and trying to get this website together. So I guess I can review the 4 different accommodations we booked. The Tutsita, Zest … Continue reading Bali


In 2011 I spent my 24th birthday here. So some of you clever clogs will have worked out my age by now. Uh oh. 3 weeks in a luxury apartment on Sentosa Island, thanks to Irishman’s lovely English friend and his parents. They made it really special! Zouk nightclub, the waterfront and streets so clean … Continue reading Singapore


This is an odd country. I think I’ve been about 3 or 4 times now. Once or twice just in transit and the other two to wander around and eventually just end up in George Town, Penang and Batu Ferranghi. The last time we visited was 2015 and as relieved as I was to see … Continue reading Malaysia


Our first visit to Thailand started late 2011. We spent waaaay too much time down around the islands. It was AMAZING! Experienced an extremely eventful Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. Had New Years on Koh Samui. Traveled up towards Bangkok, Chang Mai and Pai. Then in 2015 we returned for a little bit of a … Continue reading Thailand


In 2012 we took the Stray Bus that we got from Sta Travel from Bangkok up to Laos and back down to Cambodia. During this time we met some fabulous people and I experienced the joy that is floating down the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng whilst simultaneously worrying about what is actually  in a … Continue reading Laos


I loved Cambodia. It’s such a beautiful country with a traumatized past. Nothing makes you think more about life than a trip to Angkor Wat, a somber visit to the Killing Fields and chilling on one of the nearby islands. In 2012 we did just that. We also celebrated St Patricks Day in Phnom Penh. … Continue reading Cambodia


2012, the last country we visited before we had to ship off back to Europe so I could finish my art degree. We got clothes made, hello pretty red tailored dress. Had to sleep in a lobby because we planned a trip to Ha Long Bay the same time as a National Holiday. All those … Continue reading Vietnam