How to Travel with Family (and Not Go Crazy)

Some people like travelling and some do not. And some people like travelling luxuriously and others like to travel on the cheap. Everyone is individual, with different tastes and desires. This has never become more obvious to me other than when I have analysed my own family members. None of us is similar to one another. … Continue reading How to Travel with Family (and Not Go Crazy)

Why it’s Okay to Start a Goal Whenever You Like! (Free Calendar)

Forgot your New Year’s Resolution already? Don’t Forget your Creative and Travel Goals! Warning Overuse of gif's post. January’s Over, did your New Years Resolution survive? So many people forget their resolutions by now and it’s only the second month! I know I could have bought a calendar, but I decided to do the laborious … Continue reading Why it’s Okay to Start a Goal Whenever You Like! (Free Calendar)

My 30th Again! This time, Barcelona!

Let me start off by saying I’m not spoilt, yes I have 'privilege' and I recognize that (let’s not got into that one right now) but I am not spoilt. However, the forces that be aligned in the universe to allow me to have not one but TWO awesome birthdays in 2017! Now I’ve been planning … Continue reading My 30th Again! This time, Barcelona!

30th Part 2: GOR

November 2017 I got to visit the Great Ocean Road! This is what we got up to!

Brighton; By Someone That Lives There

This is going to be a quick Happy Birthday post for my favourite little brother (only little brother) who lives in Brighton, UK! Happy Birthday! See, told you it’d be quick.  Just kidding! Rather than talk about what I’m doing and what I’ve been up to I thought I’d include a quirky little post about … Continue reading Brighton; By Someone That Lives There

Painting on the Road, The Great Ocean Road

Being a backpacker, albeit a terrible one, means that I have or am supposed to have a limited amount of stuff in my backpack and everything deemed essential. I'm not sure peelable masking fluid is seen as essential. In fact, every packing list I've ever seen from a backpacker or even travel blog does not … Continue reading Painting on the Road, The Great Ocean Road

A Day in Bryon Bay

Every time I think I Bryon Bay I smile. What a wonderful little place. It's like my Australian beach version of Bakewell. Small enough to walk around in less than an hour but full of oddities and quaint discoveries. Every day in Bryon can be the same or different.  If you're unfamiliar with the place, a … Continue reading A Day in Bryon Bay

Moree; it’s not that bad!

It's around a five and half hour drive from Moree to Brisbane. Just over seven hours drive to Sydney. The nearest big town, Tamworth, is three hours away. With a population of just over 7,000 in 2016, it's a small town in the middle of nowhere. I usually wear Benefit mascara, if I run out … Continue reading Moree; it’s not that bad!

Fraser Island Beware!

What is it? The local Butchulla people call it K’Gari – paradise – and for good reason. Sculpted from wind, sand and surf, the striking blue freshwater lakes, crystalline creeks, giant dunes and lush rainforests of this gigantic sandbar form an enigmatic island paradise unlike anywhere else. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in … Continue reading Fraser Island Beware!

How to Celebrate Turning 30 in Melbourne!

My 30th! Warning: This will be a photo heavy post and I’ll try to keep it short just so I don’t make you too jealous! (Envious... yeah whatever.) My 30th Birthday Celebration in Melbourne was just too amazing not to write about and share.  I’ve wanted to go to Melbourne ever since we got to … Continue reading How to Celebrate Turning 30 in Melbourne!