Self Destructive Behaviour in 3…2….1…

I just saw the title for a post titled 'Zodiac Signs; in order of how often they give oral.'And whilst that may be a riveting read, and yes I admit I clicked it to see where Scorpio was, and no I'm not telling, I thought I would write about something a little more.... hmmm serious? … Continue reading Self Destructive Behaviour in 3…2….1…


The Joys of Settling Down

Here I am at 8pm on a Wednesday discussing what type of curtains would be better for my taupe coloured bedroom. After so many years of packing and picking up a suitcase/backpack/bindle, (okay maybe not a bindle) I finally feel like it's going to be a while before the next move. And I'm happy about … Continue reading The Joys of Settling Down

Taking a Blogging Break

The last post I wrote, I was located in Christchurch New Zealand! That was almost 8 months ago. I seem to have taken a blogging break.  And I didn't even realise it! Since Summer 2018 a few things have happened.  This is a perfect example of life getting in the way, in a good way... … Continue reading Taking a Blogging Break

How to Get to SteamPunk HQ

Who would have thought Steampunk HQ would be in a little seaside town of Oamaru in New Zealand? I would have assumed it been in London. Well, you know what? It makes sense.‘fix it” […]

9 Reasons Why I Hate Hostels

Ugh. I knew this day would come.  I hate hostels. I  wasn't sure what to write about this week so I thought I'd have a look back at our South New Zealand trip and have a bit of a rant post! During our stay in Dunedin, we chose to stay in a hostel. After our … Continue reading 9 Reasons Why I Hate Hostels

An Unfit Girl’s Journey to New Zealand’s Mueller Hut Hike

"Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail" We had a plan to drive South. We were doing a clockwise loop of the South Island for at least 1 month. Our little New Zealand adventure. Had we planned anything properly? Hmmm… kinda. We'd got the equipment together and packed the car. For context, I'd been working on … Continue reading An Unfit Girl’s Journey to New Zealand’s Mueller Hut Hike

Opening the Dialogue about Depression

This was going to be a relatively short blog post this week. I’ll be honest, I’ve not been feeling it lately. And by ‘it’ I mean blogging. I’ve been far more preoccupied with design work and Skillshare videos. Whenever I try to do anything other than design work I get distracted and grumpy.  Totally lacking … Continue reading Opening the Dialogue about Depression

New Zealand’s Street Art: Dunedin Photo Dump

This is one of the main reasons I love cities!
The street art.

I’m Finally a Digital Nomad; Teaching English Online

I think I can finally say I qualify as a female digital nomad and you know what it wasn’t that hard.

Setting up in New Zealand

I was so ready to leave Australia.
If you ever fancy popping over to live in New Zealand (rolls eyes) then check this out.