Christchurch, the place to be!

It might not be the most popular of places to live in New Zealand but I love it!

St Patricks Day and Soon to be Open for Commissions!

Happy St Patrick's Day! Commissions will be Open Soon! I have decided to soon open for commissions.

Loving Vincent

I don’t want this post to turn out like I’m boasting but my Valentines Day this year was awesome. I’m so freaking lucky. Especially from a guy who doesn’t particularly believe in or like Valentines Days. I got a candle, Lush stuff and flowers, sunflowers, my favourite and a requisite for the rest of the … Continue reading Loving Vincent

Is the Travel Bug Genetic?

Can’t leave out my Mum amidst all these birthday posts! Happy Birthday, Mum! A little background, my mother is a social butterfly, loves to party, is a little loud and the complete opposite of my father! Which possibly explains why I am a walking crockpot of contradictions. I seem to take after my father a … Continue reading Is the Travel Bug Genetic?

Photography is Effort.

I know I’ve been mentioning birthdays a lot and now I’ve started I can’t stop. So Happy Birthday to my Pops (dad)! Now my dad has always had his hobbies.  Hobbies which he’s always focused a large amount of time and energy on, resulting in becoming exceedingly good at them. Some people would see him … Continue reading Photography is Effort.

Getting Over The Fear of Showing off My Artwork

Someone asked me for my website address the other day. Then another person asked me for my Facebook page. I froze both times, squirming in my seat umming and arring, trying to think of a reason not to give it to them. “Oh, it’s not finished” “Well, it’s not very good.” “I don’t think you … Continue reading Getting Over The Fear of Showing off My Artwork

Toot-ta-doot! Announcement!

Hi! This isn’t a full blog post or anything just a little announcement. Erin Reki is now on Tapastic!!! If you don’t know what Tapastic is, well simply put it is a website and app that publishes webcomics and web novels. You can read comics and books made by anyone! That funny cartoon you found on … Continue reading Toot-ta-doot! Announcement!

How to Travel with Family (and Not Go Crazy)

Some people like travelling and some do not. And some people like travelling luxuriously and others like to travel on the cheap. Everyone is individual, with different tastes and desires. This has never become more obvious to me other than when I have analysed my own family members. None of us is similar to one another. … Continue reading How to Travel with Family (and Not Go Crazy)

Why it’s Okay to Start a Goal Whenever You Like! (Free Calendar)

Forgot your New Year’s Resolution already? Don’t Forget your Creative and Travel Goals! Warning Overuse of gif's post. January’s Over, did your New Years Resolution survive? So many people forget their resolutions by now and it’s only the second month! I know I could have bought a calendar, but I decided to do the laborious … Continue reading Why it’s Okay to Start a Goal Whenever You Like! (Free Calendar)

My 30th Again! This time, Barcelona!

Let me start off by saying I’m not spoilt, yes I have 'privilege' and I recognize that (let’s not got into that one right now) but I am not spoilt. However, the forces that be aligned in the universe to allow me to have not one but TWO awesome birthdays in 2017! Now I’ve been planning … Continue reading My 30th Again! This time, Barcelona!