Don’t eat yellow snow!

Apologies for the Dad joke.
I named this page ‘Advice’ mainly to give my friends a good laugh.
I reckon they would joke that I’m the last person that should be giving advice!

I hardly brush my hair and I can be a walking nervous wreck, however….

One thing I’m good at is collecting stuff!

When I eventually get around to organizing and writing everything up, this will be full of useful tips and resources about random things.

For example;

  • Things I do that help me deal with depression on the road.
  • Guide on the Working Holiday Visa in Australia (this is the one I wrote for my little sister, hey Beanie!)
  • How not to kill your significant other when traveling together.
  • Create art abroad.
  • Turning your internal monologue off.
  • Living in Nepal.
  • Volunteering in Nepal.
  • Trekking in Nepal.
  • Falling in love in Nepal…don’t do it!

Watch this space!
Thank you for your patience as this site is in it’s early baby stages.