Sometime in the late 80’s
Popped out in Sheffield, England.

During the 90’s
Had an turbulent childhood, but yay for pogs and Pokemon!

Age 16
Left home and had a short spell of homelessness, which is a whole story in its own right.

Studied Media and Animation at college.

Age 17
Learnt how to live on my own when I moved into my own place.

Was then diagnosed with major clinical depression and anxiety issues.

Age 18
Attempted Animation at Derby University but that didn’t last long so I went back to college to study Fine Art.

Got into debt. Not fun. Wouldn’t recommend.

Then after that….
I went on a series of trips and had different jobs for a while, including the army, then in 2009…

 I decided to go to Sheffield Hallam University to study Contemporary Fine Art.

The alias Erin Reki was born at Christchurch in Dublin. Read more about it in my first post!

Took control of the vague direction of my own life (and took control of my finances).

Volunteered in Nepal and you should too.
Met an Irishman, which I guess you could now call the love of my life (or the vain of my existence). He’s a total embarrassment, but we’ve traveled a few countries together for the past 6 years and occasionally he holds my camera bag. BONUS.

Took a year long trip where we visited

India – Nepal – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam

On our return we lived in Northern Ireland for a while.

 I graduated from University.

We both got jobs and a studio apartment in Sheffield.

He took a two year contract job which made me feel trapped.

Holiday blues developed into a massive relapse into depression a while later and I had to leave my office job and go into care.

After 2 years of support from my doctor, family, friends and wonderful Irishman (and a couple of pills and CBT classes) I finally managed to pull myself out of the depression.

We set off for Nepal…again!

We revisited Thailand and Malaysia, then set off on our Australian adventure!

Living and working in the great Down Under. Went holidaying in Bali.

Worked hard to launch!

Spent New Years in Sydney!


Enjoying working in Outback Australia.

Went back to the UK to visit family and friends and go to three weddings and a funeral. 

I passed my theory test and worked a festival.

Went to Barcelona for a city break, Rome to visit friends and Amsterdam for a festival.

Got back to the Outback and looking forward to celebrating my 30th in Melbourne!

We both got our New Zealand working holiday visas and we’ll be there this December.

Wish us luck for 2018!