Survival Log – 10 Days without Sean

He’s coming home tomorrow!

(I realised I never posted this one because I was so busy so here it is.)

I’m gonna get my sh*t together before he comes back.

Depression is weird. Sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish between laziness and a bad mood. For me, I start to feel like a combination of being behind frosted glass and stuck in sludge.

Hanging out with friends did make me feel less ‘sludgy’ though and I guess one of the ‘cures’ is social interaction.

I get my work and go to the coffee shop. Luckily my fave barista is there and we end up chatting about everything from tv shows to seasonal despression. Sounds like everyone here has one of those light alarm thingys.

I get sooo much work done too! And applied for 3 other design roles, so fingers crossed I hear back.

And I’m close to finishing a couple of ongoing projects!

I also worked out my packages and prices. Although I’m seriously underselling myself and will more than likely raise these back to my normal price in a month or two. I still have to work on my portfolio.

I also get some studying done. I’m learning how to animate logos and although I have the basics down I have a long way to go. I’m aiming to make something like this soon.

Wahey for being hella productive!


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