Survival Log – 9 days without Sean


I managed to tidy everything except the mirrors and glass (because I don’t own glass cleaner) before they came! Ideally, I would have moved the mattress into storage but it’s a king and there’s no way I can move that by myself.  Ed Stafford probably could but we have established I ain’t no Ed Stafford.

I FINALLY got my groceries!! It’s been 9 days! This is how much I hate food shopping. Even online. I would rather starve than interact with a supermarket.

I also made mulled wine, not to everyone’s taste I guess, but it’s Christmas-ey, or at least it is in Europe.
I also tried to make a weird hot coconut chai rum, but I guess I didn’t do it properly cos it looked a lil gross. Not smooth with a foam top as it should have been. I also may have put too much rum in….

This wasn’t a day drinking session, we took it easy, which was nice.
We started by playing a card game called… BANG!   ???
It’s a spaghetti western card game where the outlaws have to kill the Sherriff, the renegades kill the outlaws and the deputy etc.

Every time you wanna shoot someone you’d say ‘I bang (a persons name)’. I’m too immature for that not to be funny ever. single. time.

Then… then we moved onto the gold.

D&D.  Yes.  I play Dungeons and Dragons now. It’s a thing.
My character is a Halfing Sorceress called Rida Flynner or Reed for short. I know Halfling may not be the best race for a sorceress but she’s a Lightfoot and has a funny little backstory. And is chaotic good!

I love everyone else’s characters too! We have a minotaur man, an elephant man, and a slutty demon creature.   This is gonna be fun!

I might change her hair and outfit some more. She is definitely not finished.  But this may just be my healthy coping mechanism.

I had to do some sketches of little Reed! b740c9927e04625dfe664b83e02a5d53






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