Survival Log – 8 Days without Sean

I’ve almost forgotten what he looks like. Did he wear glasses?*

Woke up late.

No messages.

No emails.

No chatter on the discord.

Sun is shining through the blinds and as pretty as it is, part of me is disappointed I woke up at all.

I dont know if thats depression talking or not.

Getting brutally honest now.

I try and get up. My body feels like a bag of rocks.

Thankfully marijuana is legal here, for people that it helps. It doesn’t help me.

To snap myself out of it I yeet myself into another LUSH bath. In a survival situation one must find water first.

Between waking up at 11am and 8pm I struggle to maintain any motivation. I’ve eaten the leftovers of the takeaway the day before. I look to the fridge and wonder if I can make anything appetizing out of tuna, chickpeas and green beans.

If the zombie apocalypse was to happen right now. I’d die of starvation out of pickiness.

I fumble around with my books and start to study Adobe After Effects online. LOTR is on repeat in the background.

Then there’s chatter. I put it out there that people could come over before Sean gets home… I’m not expecting a yes when… yep. Now there’s a party at mine tomorrow.

8pm and I’m now furiously cleaning!

It’s like the bit of a survival movie when the guy is just about to give up and then all of a sudden an urge to keep on going rushes through them and they make it through alive.

The will to survive is strong with this one, yes?

All the washing on. Dishwasher full. Floors swept, vacuumed and washed (I don’t have a mop so I had to get on my hands and knees with a dishcloth). Glass all cleaned up. Trash taken out. Sides wiped down.

And even groceries ordered!

Wow. So I’ll do it for other people but not for myself. Good to know.

I have a reason to move my butt now, I’m gonna kick everyone’s ass at whatever game we play tomorrow!

*Also yes Sean does wear glasses and I fixed them by attaching a painted chopstick to them before he left.


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