Survival Log – Day 3 without Sean

Another day without coffee in bed. I have already fantasized about hiring my own in house barista. We did live in a gig economy, right?

The milk has gone off. I have to resort to choc mint tea. In the goddamn morning. I tell myself I have #firstworldproblems. That’s me.

There are 3 cookies left.

However, today, I do believe it’s time to consume a vegetable or at very least a piece of fruit. It’s weird how when I’m cooking for other people I’ll go out of my way to try to make good and mostly healthy food. But when it’s just me…

I have replaced the empty space in my bed with another Irish workaholic. Jimmy McNulty. The soothing sounds of the troubles of Baltimore keep me company.

I tried to register to vote. Failed. F*ck it. I’m beyond the point of giving an explanation or caring. I mean I care but at the same time, there isn’t anything I can do.

Anyway, it’s a day at the hairdressers. I need a reup on the pink.

I know I’m gonna be sat in the chair small talking for over 3 hours so that’s it for now.

Hopefully I can get some work done whilst I’m there.

Must remember to get milk on the way back.

Cue too many pink hair selfies.


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