Survival Log – Day 2 without Sean

Today I wake up not with a hangover but a hangover AND a sore neck.

There is no one to bring me coffee in bed. I am sad.

Sean has made it from England to N.Ireland. And I’m starting to regret my decision not to go with him. I don’t really know why I didn’t.
It felt cheeky asking his company to pay for my flights again. I didn’t want to deal with the flight. I have stuff to do here.
All pretty poor reasons really. I should have pushed to go. No use whining about it now.

I sulk my way to my local coffee shop. The barista compliments my pink hair and I do the same to her. We’ve both changed our hair since the last time I was here when she was on shift.

It’s a little bit of a squeeze but I manage to get my laptop out and do some work. Or at least I try to do some work. I’ve been trying to create a graphic for a client for 4 days now and yet for some bizzare reason I can’t do it! I’m not happy with any versions of it. The perfectionist in me is screwing me over.

I end up chatting with family and friends. There’s good news, bad news and pictures of pizza.

I should start ‘adulting’ and start sorting out Christmas presents and such. I’ve got a few ideas.

The thought of being a responsible adult has me back at the apartment cleaning.

Apparently I broke a glass candle holder before I went out last night. And rather than cleaned it up I put a handwritten warning sign ‘GLASS’ on the floor. Wow. Just wow.

Finally making it to the kitchen I clean up put on some vegan pasta and open the oven to find some more cookies. Bingo!

Todays diet has been pasta, cookies and coffee.

I start rewatching The Wire. It’s the only way I’m gonna survive. My neck still hurts, but the great thing about Canadian health insurance, I get $500 worth of massages. I should book one in soon.

Another attempt at the graphic, today feels uneventful. Should have just wrote ‘Nothing to report.’

I’m in bed by 8.


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