Survival Log – 1 Day without Sean

Rather than my usual travel blogging, I’m going to document my experience of being left home alone…

Today was a weird day.

It started off, as usual, ginger cookies I’d made the night before for breakfast.
I decided to take this luxury to the tub as I’d been treated to a LUSH shopping spree the day before. An apology for abandoning me.

As I lay there I wondered if I could write on the tiles with whiteboard marker without completely marking them. As everyone knows people have their best ideas in the bath or shower. The typical place where pen and paper don’t do well.

My phone is over the other side of the bathroom so I ask Google.

“Hey, Google.”
No answer.


I resort to Bixby.  Samsungs answer to Siri.
Bixby then translates ‘Can you write on tile with a whiteboard marker?’ to ‘Call Sean’.

Sean is away in England and it calls his Canadian number, but someone answers. I’m confused but go with it.
It turns out that number was sold to someone else. I end up having a long random conversation with an Italian guy in Ontario named Valentino. Yay, new friend.

Later on, I agree to go to a concert with a friend. He’s never been to one before and I’m just happy to be outside the apartment. I’ve spent most of the week inside painting.
With his concert cherry popped we watch a woman in sparkly silver ABBA style trousers tear up the stage. They’re actually really good. Alcohol prices are absurd. The second band isn’t so great so we go out to watch the fireworks.

Another friend wants to meet up, now by this time I’m tired and could go to bed but I know I’ll not be used to Sean being away so I don’t wanna go home. Plus I’m curious to see what this bar they’re in is like.
It’s hard to find.
Dingy, dark and grungy.
I hear metal music. It’s like a smaller version of Corporation. The club I used to go to way back when.
At this point, I realise my diet today has consisted of cookies, wine and rum.

One drink later I find myself in a very violent moshpit.

I know I will regret this tomorrow.
Somehow I have survived the first day home alone. Success?


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