The Joys of Settling Down

Here I am at 8pm on a Wednesday discussing what type of curtains would be better for my taupe coloured bedroom.

After so many years of packing and picking up a suitcase/backpack/bindle, (okay maybe not a bindle) I finally feel like it’s going to be a while before the next move.

And I’m happy about that.

At one point in my life, I genuinely thought down in the deepest fibre of my being that I would love to travel forever. And I would hate to have to concern myself with such trivial normie stuff as furniture.

Now I’m excited about the prospect of picking out a coffee table.
And wandering aimlessly around IKEA.

And as much as I have loved my gallivanting about and trips around the globe. The truth is…

Travelling is exhausting.

Now, do not for a second think I’m complaining. I still do and probably always will love travelling and technically I still am. Canada is not my home country. I’m still on a working holiday visa. I could pick up and move to Toronto if I wanted. Or hire a van to live in and traverse the Rocky mountains. Only, I’m exhausted. So we’re doing it differently this time.

We’re on a different kind of adventure. One that requires picking out curtains and bed frames instead of flight and train tickets.

The Irishman even allowed himself to invest in a decent vehicle! And he’s usually so frugal! (It is a lot safer on icy roads though…)

My new favourite aspects about our latest adventure:

  1. My own space! My dear lord, I am so done with sharing personal space! Co-living has thrown up some excellent and terrible experiences. And as much as I love making new friends I don’t have to worry about someone throwing out my food if I leave it out to defrost!
  2. I can buy all the lovely wonderful trinkets my heart has desired over the past few years! All those teapots I’ve coveted and couldn’t fit into my backpack. That lamp I would have nowhere to put. Mine, all mine! My precious. (Yes I know this is super materialistic, gimme a break.)
  3. Gives me a chance to make some lasting relationships with the locals. It’s a harsh truth that not everyone that’s travelling will have witnessed but some locals just don’t want to waste their precious time on someone that won’t be around in 6 weeks time. And I don’t blame ’em.
  4. Integrate into society, give back to the community, belong, feel a part of something. Actually, knowing your way around and get accustomed to your surroundings and know exactly where you’re going. Yeah, that’d be nice.
  5. Experience one place all year round, all the seasons, all the festivals, and if you miss one there’s always next year.
  6. Join a gym, weekly groceries, ahhh routine. My old nemesis. And it seems like a lack of one has been adding inches to my waistline. Oof!
  7. A permanent place to work and paint! Hell yeah! We’ve been here 2 months in Canada and we’re almost settled in our new place. I can’t wait to get painting again!

Now we’re only on a two-year working holiday visa but we have plans to make this the last (as I’m too old to get another) so the plan is to apply for permanent residency! Wish us luck!

Oooh look naff photos of home-y stuff!

P.s This will not be the end of our travels, there are so many other cool places on the bucket list. We’ll just be doing it from a base!


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Settling Down

  1. Tomás says:

    It is great to hear news about you. Congrats for the post. I have been reading your last publications. They are, in fact, interesting because they combine your personal life with a kind of adventure. At least It is what I thinnk about them.
    Your former online-cambly-Colombian-studnet,


    • Erin Reki says:

      Thank you! I appreciate it very much. I really only write these for fun but it’s nice to hear. And I hope that you’re doing well, I’m sure you are!

      I might start Cambly again next month but I’m quite happy with my freelance design work at the moment.

      Nice to hear from you!
      Toni Childs


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