Taking a Blogging Break

The last post I wrote, I was located in Christchurch New Zealand!

That was almost 8 months ago.
I seem to have taken a blogging break.  And I didn’t even realise it!


Since Summer 2018 a few things have happened.  This is a perfect example of life getting in the way, in a good way… aside from the computer breaking.

I was happily working away in my Christchurch bedroom, going through online courses and resources trying to build my skills so that I could eventually work as a freelance designer.
That was the little secret project I had going on.
I can tell you now I did not think too highly of house sharing but I did love the house and as much as I have complained to family and friends about New Zealand, I will write it an apology blog post next as I do miss it.  (But hey! We’re in Canada now and loving it!)

Milford Sounds, New Zealand, one of my favourites!

At the time, Sean was working away quite a bit, I didn’t make much effort to make new friends after some of the nicer housemates left, so I became incredibly isolated and lonely. With only my secret project to keep me going.
Eventually, I started getting clients then BOOM! Computer broke. I was left with the New Zealand winter weather and not much to do.
I forgot all about blogging, cartoons, etc. Threw my toys out of the pram and flew back to England!

Which, as difficult as it was not to be with Sean, I got to reconnect with friends and family.

Funny story behind this!

I want all Chrissie’s hats.

Not seen this chica in forever! #schoolbuddies

The video I have surprising this girl in the middle of her spin class is PRICELESS!!

I swear we’re not alcoholics! Right, Rosie? Right?

The best and baddest mofo around!

I went back to my old festival jobs and worked Oh I dunno… 7 festivals!
Including Isle of Wight, Bluedot, Leeds, Wilderness and RiZE!
Met some amazing people and had good and not so good times.
(I might do a blog post of these or working Festivals in England…)

Bluedot was magic!

 I love festival shopping!

And the festival food!

Then I went on holiday solo style to Kos.
Just because I could.


5 Star Resort all for me?!

I took my little Brother and Dad to Nepal for two weeks!
We met up with Sean there and whilst there Sean proposed!!
Plenty of fun stories there! (Another potential blog post.)

First time Pops tries shisha!


Apparently, my brother is incapable of taking a nice photo.

Teej, women’s festival!

Snap Happy Pappy!

Wooo!! Only had to wait 8 years!

Where is Samrat to save you now Dad?!

After that, I had another fun house-sharing experience, played tour guide for my friend Ami who came over from Japan, got to spend Halloween, my birthday, Christmas & New Years Eve with family and friends and have my engagement parties (yes we had one in England & one in Ireland) before flying off to Canada!


Ami in the Cotswolds

Florence & the Machine!!

Christmas Market in Birmingham!

Giants Causeway, Ireland

Now a month later, we are settled in Canada!  Out of the Airbnb’s and into our own apartment! I have a desk, a sofa and a balcony!
I can finally breathe! The cartoons are flowing and my will to study has come back!
The Not-so-Secret project is back underway and I have 2 new clients I’ve been designing for!


Lake Louise is frozen over!

So whether you take a break from anything, just know it’s not forever. You can go back to anything if you want. Life can and does get in the way but if you enjoy something you really should make time for it!

Now, where are my paintbrushes?!!


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