St Patricks Day and Soon to be Open for Commissions!

Happy St Patricks Day!

Commissions will be Open Soon!

I have decided to soon open for commissions.

Now, if you don’t know what a commission is, relating to my artwork, cartoons and such it means that I will be taking on orders. For example, if you want a cartoon or sketch of yourself or someone doing something for a special occasion, well hopefully you get the idea. I can do it for you!

In the past I’ve done these for free for friends and family, a quick example collection include;

An anniversary card for a friend,


A wedding cartoon for another friend,


A congratulations wedding cartoon for another friend (lots of weddings),


An example page of a kids book,


A cartoon for my brother about stinky pants,


A cartoon for a friend who likes koalas and many more.


Then I’ve also done a couple of typography thingies for, again, weddings.

I feel that maybe when everyone has finally got married that’s it for me, so I’m extending my services! Plus I love making things for other people!

Back in the day, like when I was 16, I was on Gaia Online which is like a fantasy chat forum with a game built in. An online hangout with your own avatar.  I used to draw cartoons of peoples avatars for them, for you know the fake money that you use to pay for clothing and stuff for your avatar. Mini-games and fake coins before smartphones even existed. (Yes, I’m that old.)

I will have an online order form and options eventually on my Services page. I am going away for a month to explore the great outdoors of the South Island of New Zealand from the 17th March (today) to the 16th April but as soon as that is done I will be open for work and ready to take on any commissions!

PLUS I will be able to put them on all sorts of things for you! T-shirts! Mugs! Cards & ship it to the person direct!

I’m looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to get started!

P.s In the meantime feel free to email me, or message me on my Facebook page! See the bottom of the Welcome page for links!

P.p.s Again Happy St Patricks Day now I’m off on a New Zealand Adventure!!


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