Keeping Busy, Cartoons and Grain

I haven’t made any blog posts this week. Mainly because I honestly don’t want to write anything. Which I guess isn’t great when you’re trying to create a ‘travel blog’.

I didn’t write a post last week either.  I never quite understood how some people can be quite on top of things all of the time. I suppose it is a mindset people have adopted in an attempt to succeed in a capitalist environment.  Like many others, I have not achieved this yet.  I have weeks where I am motivated, engaged & productive. And others where I just want to wrap up in a blanket, ignore everyone & watch everything ever made by Pixar.

And I think that’s okay. For now.  I have been occupied enough with doing a few cartoons & learning stuff at my new job. Plus the news has started to depress me.
Anyway! Enough waffle! Sketckes!

My big little brother Chris Childs (on the left) & friend/band member James Martin. Chris gets into all sorts of shenanigans & says some pretty daft stuff.  He could have his very own comic series. And I might just make that a project to work on in the future. 

I had to show some love for the Facebook group that takes up at least 90% of my newsfeed. 

 Girls Love Travel or GLT

There was a post asking what GLT has done for people & I can’t express what it has done for me. Well, I could but that might have to be for another post.  

My bff Rosie got engaged last year on a trip to New Zealand 💖💖💖 I drew this whilst I was in Bali so I didn’t have any watercolour paper with me.  I only had hand luggage. This meant when it came to colouring, I had to use crayons. Merrrgghhh….but I’m glad she liked it.

My older brother Jonny is thinking about/working on a children’s book.  So this was just a fun little experiment. I have no idea why there’s a dragon in the corner or why I’m talking to a friendly redback spider but there you go.

There’s a painted version for you. FYI I’m not that confident at outlining or painting traditionally. I almost always used to do it on my computer in Photoshop. But now I don’t have a computer I must do everything traditionally and it doesn’t leave much room for error. 

A lovely lady I met in Brighton a couple of years ago called Jayne, the co-founder & director of amongst other things (the girl is a machine), well she asked me if I’d draw something for a band called Larkill. Unfortunately earlier this year their merch money got stolen by some asshat & now their looking to create a project to raise funds by putting together a series of artworks around the theme “don’t be a dick” to sell as a zine or little book alongside some music. Keep an eye out for it!

Aside from cartoons this past few weeks we found jobs! More importantly at these new jobs I found Lemon Johns!! Hmmm yes, who did the thing?! The thing?! Unacceptable!

Plus there’s bugs. Lots of bugs. Strange ones. 

Plu here’s a couple of pictures of silos. They hold grain. Who know hey. 


If I manage to post something for next week I’ll consider myself a success. This job is pretty tiring out in the sun & with the Australian summer on the way temperatures are creeping up to & over 40 degrees!! Have mercy!


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