How much do you LOVE LUSH?

Because I love it a lot. I love it lots and lots.

As I mentioned in my previous blog Do I need to pack my hair straighteners? I don’t NEED cosmetics or expensive shower smoothies and bath bombs. And when I decided to leave the UK I was prepared to live without it. Yes, I’d miss it but I’d survive. I’m strong like that *sideways glance*.

Then whilst browsing the shop and reading the LUSH book I noticed something spectacular. They had listings for shops in Australia!
I gasped, loudly. Loud enough for other shoppers to give me a concerned glance.
After reading this fantastic news and feeling my heart leap in my chest, a dark cloud manifested above me and lightening struck.


The words echoed in my head “If something is too good to be true, it probably is.”
I almost ran (shuffled in a fast manner) lead by my nose towards the nearest glitter covered employee.
With all seriousness I looked her dead in her eyes.
“Do you have LUSH stores in Australia?”
That was enough. It was all I needed to hear. The black cloud dissipated and sunshine, rainbows and bluebirds appeared. I skipped merrily out of the shop with 3 bath bombs in tow. Ignoring all the shoppers I had freaked out with my joyful squeaks!



Who am I kidding? I do NEED this. Even after moving to Australia. And I could type about it all day but instead I’ll just narrow it down to a few things.

My Favourite LUSH Products

  • Let The Good Times Roll Exfoliating Cleanser (wouldn’t want to live without this)
  • The Comforter Shower Gel EVEN BETTER when it’s mixed with…
  • Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Gel
  • Buffy Body Butter (great for getting dead skin off)
  • Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie (haven’t tried the roulade yet) goes well with…
  • Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
  • Vanillary Solid Perfume (sooo sweet)

I could go on but I’ll stop there.

I know that Purity isn’t LUSH but I was testing it out. It’s okay.

Now LUSH can be a little difficult, some of their products need working on.
I love it when you hear disaster stories. Someone turns a funny colour or whatever.
Several years ago I reacted badly to one of their moisturizers (can’t remember what it was.). I had a rash all over face for a week!

My Least Favourite LUSH Products

  • Tangled Hot Oil Treatment on a Stick (I don’t think I made it right and it just left chunks in my hair)
  • Tea Tree Toner Tab (I just don’t think it made a difference to my routine)
  • Big Shampoo (I loved it at first but then the formula kinda separated)

A word about the shampoo bars!

  1. The lack of packaging make these eco-friendly, which is always good.
  2. The fact that they’re solid make them fantastic for travelling, especially if you’re going with just hand luggage. More room in that little plastic bag for other things.
  3. They can be hit and miss. You have to find one that suits your hair.
    For example, Godiva leaves little pieces of conditioner in my hair so it takes ages to wash out! Seriously, like 3 washes. But Seanik is lovely and so is the New bar. New is the name of the bar.

Working at LUSH was a completely different experience.

Now I love the products and I don’t want to be negative, but I did not like working for LUSH. My boss was especially mean to everyone and its incredibly sales driven. In a bad way. That thing where the LUSH staff leap on you the second you walk in the door and then they DON’T  leave you alone? Yeah, they are forced to do that.
I’m not the first person to have a crappy experience working there. Just check out Youtube!
My colleagues were lovely though, I love the products and the company for but its sales tactics and the way it treats its employees needs to change.
I’d love to give it another go but until then I’m happy being a customer!

I may even write some reviews in the future, simply because I can then pretend testing them out is my job again! LUSH haul anyone?

Another great thing…

They bring out seasonal products! Christmas is a truly magical time, hectic in the small stores, but magical nonetheless. But Halloween is just cute! I mean, they make little Pumkin Bubble Bars!

Now if we could just get a LUSH Spa over in Oz that would be great!

The other cosmetics brand I can’t live without… Oriflame.
You may not have heard about the Swedish company but I’ll enlighten you in another post!
It’s really hard to get hold of in Australia and I’m sooo stocking up when I get back to the UK!


DON’T leave your products to melt in the car/minivan/bus!!
If you live in a car, get a cooler bag. Turkish delight melts and it’s expensive. Cooler bag people! Learn from my mistakes people!


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