Travelling Left Me Heartbroken

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”
Love on the road. Vacation romances. Those moments when you feel you’ve found your soul mate only for it to be ripped away in a cruel twist of fate. Part of me thought it would last forever. I should have known better.  

Maybe you’re just on two separate paths. Your paths crossed for a short time and it was glorious but now you’re going in different directions. It just wasn’t meant to be. You enjoy your time together but when it’s time to face the music.  Well, sigh.

For me it was love at first sight. On the beautiful island of Bali it’s hard not to get caught up in the romance of it all.  

How romantic! And it can open your beer bottles. Versatile.

After travelling north through the outback and suffering the heat of Northern Territory, I decided to take a little 3 week workcation to treat myself. Oh, and get this website finally working! 

I had seen so many fancy posts about luxury villas in Bali so I decided “You know what? I want a villa.” I went ahead and booked one within my budget for as long as I was willing to pay for it. Which was exactly 3 nights. The villa was HK Villa Bali in Legion approx $150 a night (and I’m supposed to be saving for a laptop!) But the reviews were really positive so I handed over the cash.

The front area was a little deceiving but after walking down the little leafy alleyway to our door and upon entering I was sold!

My own private pool! Are you kidding me! The staff gave us a little mini tour (so we knew where things were) but I had my eyes on this baby! All I could think was “Get out so I can get naked!”

A tour though the kitchen area, then the living room, then onto this sweet thang! “Oh yeah I’m gonna pass out on you later.” 😉

There was so much eye candy in this place! I thought I’d fallen in love with the pool. Then the bed. Ah, but wait. I had yet to check out the bathroom. It was like a blind date. I did NOT want to be disappointed. 

I didn’t know what to expect at first then I turned the corner and there it was!

I had butterflies in my stomach at our first meeting. As I messed around with the facets and temperature settings, just getting to know each other stuff, I was certain it was the one! After just an hour of filling the time (and tub) with conversation, coconut water and bubbles I decided to go for it!

I jumped into the relationship without hesitation! I fell head over heels for it! I was totally in love with this tub and never wanted to leave its warm watery embrace. 
*Sinead O’Connors nothing compares playing in the background* 

Over the next 3 days we shared so many beautiful moments and a love so intense the gods would have been jealous. Seán was. He was not amused with this affair and begged me several times to come back to him. Fat chance.

Temperature adjustment settings, jacuzzi and spa features, bubble bath and essential oils and salts. Not to mention the additional shower head, head rests, TV and mood lighting! I imagined our future together and researched if I could get bath bombs imported or not.

I did not leave that villa for our entire stay! Breakfast was brought to us in the morning and you could order ‘villa service’ whenever! The TV was huge and we had two long red sofas aligning the coffee table. I even ordered a pamper package, where a really nice lady came over to massage, scrub and soak me. She even filled my new boyfriend up for me with flower petals! 

Alas it was not meant to last, my love belonged to another and I had my own plans of adventure down under.  As much as I loved this tub I couldn’t give up a life of travel to stay in one place for it. No matter how much I loved it. I would just end up resenting it and regreting not traveling while I can. 

No. It was best to leave. I wept like a child as I left. Heartbroken. Maybe our paths will cross again one day. Love on the road is tough. It leaves you humble and heartbroken. Melancholy and the centre of your own sad loved up music video. I will miss you bathtub, I hope I’ll see you again. Until then I’ll cherish the memories we have together and be grateful that we met in the first place!

Adieu my sweet soapy love! Xxx 

P.S If you want a little video tour of HK Villa Bali there are 3 video stories on my Instagram! Sorry for the shaky cam.

Video of the entrance, pool & kitchen.

Video of the pool & living room.

Video of the bedroom, bathroom, love of my life and shower.


Seán took me back and we are working on our relationship.  


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