Is Bakewell One of the Best Towns in England?

Part of this post was included in Ladies What – Bloggers Favourite Places to Visit in the UK

Bakewell is located in the Derbyshire Dales district of Derbyshire. It is located on the River Wye, about thirteen miles southwest of Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

I’ve been going to Bakewell since I was a kid so I may be biased as it holds sentimental value, even so here’s why I think you should add it your list of places to go.

There’s more to England than London. Make the effort to travel North!
There’s plenty of English countryside villages, Buxton, Edale, Matlock, all complete with parks, old cottages, tidy flower gardens, rustic bridges and streams populated by ducks and swans.
If you have time or are traveling at a slower pace by working and living in the UK I would recommend making time to visit all of them if you can.


Bakewell, however, has a few unique aspects.

Let’s start with the most important thing – food!
Bakewell puddings. These sweet little things can be found in many of the patisseries and it’s what Bakewell is famous for.
It’s also full of Bakewell tarts and although you can buy them from good ole Mr Kipling, it’s just better to buy them from one of the shops here.


Next is the homity pie made of potato and herbs topped with cheese in pastry, served warm. Simple, but insanely delicious.
My favorite shop for these is Bloomers and they are amazing!
Make sure you order a warm one, but let it cool down a little before you dive in!

The chocolate soup from Naughty and Nice should also be mentioned – it’s divine. You’ll need a good walk to burn off the calories but you’ll feel like royalty whilst sipping what is essentially a big cup of melted chocolate. Get the chilli flavoured one for extra kick!


There’s also lots of lovely gift shops selling bespoke jewellery and unique vintage-inspired trinkets. And if you love the great outdoors Bakewell has an abundance of camping and hiking shops with many nearby trails to explore.

For example there is The Monsal Trail. It’s a traffic free route for walkers, runners and cyclists, although you may come across some horse riders too. It’s also wheelchair accessible.
At the time of writing it’s rated second on Things To Do in Bakewell on Tripadvisor.


 You can see most of the town in 30 minutes depending on how slow you walk, how many shops you browse and how many coffees/teas you drink.

If you’re thirsty for more Chatsworth is a short bus ride away. There is an entrance fee but I find it just as nice to walk around the grounds, go deer spotting and walk off all those extra calories from that amazing food.

The ideal times to go are either Summer so you can sit out on the grass or around Christmas time for the market stalls.

Bakewell in my opinion is a cute, quaint, charming little village with a some distinctive shops and tasty treats. It holds precious memories from days out with dad to dates with the boyfriend.

I hope you make time for this little village and find it just as enchanting as I do, even after 20 years!

My father has been going to Bakewell for yeeeeaaarrrrss and is actually a professional photographer! I’ve been trying to get him further afar but he sticks to what he likes. Stubborn old man!

Check out his photographs here!


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